Multi-Angle Rotating Car Mobile Holder


Multi-Angle Rotating Car Mobile Holder
 always brings you the best things and also now we have this high-quality car mobile holder for your cars. The purpose of a mobile phone holder is to hold your phone while driving on your journey. It’s useful when you’re driving and need to use your phone because you can put it on the stand and use it easily.

  • Easy to stick (silicone gel on pad)
  • Claw Clip Design
  • Rotate 360 Degree
  • Stick on Screen and dashboard easily
  • Suitable for all Mobile phones

Fits virtually all Cell Phones and Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia, Moto X, etc.

Incredibly simple and lightweight design with a heavy-duty spring claw in attractive colors to match your personality and style.

Full 360-degree rotating cradle with simple locking collar allows for landscape and portrait viewing at ANY angle desired – One touch release button

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